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    IKIMONO is a product brand which metal work pieces demonstrate various functions by incorporating natural energy such as air, water, light, heat and magnetic force. We develop two series, that is to say, "Art" which is symbolically expressed as the power of natural energy and "Product" which is used as the function of natural objects everyday.After the era of mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal in the 20th century, we are required to realize "sustainable life" coexisting with nature. IKIMONO's products have various functions based on natural life force by replacing biological programs of natural objects with programming by parametric design. Beyond the boundaries of organic matter and inorganic matter and analogue and digital, fusion of natural objects and artifacts enables us to experience the future sustainable life. You can enjoy "IKIMONO" which "Living" and "Objects" have changed to a new form.

    movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKc7s-8Mkjk
    EB https://www.y-m-v.jp/

    IKIMONO is embodied through collaboration of YOKOHAMA MAKERS VILLAGE, designer Hiroaki Nishimura, architectural programmer Junichiro Horikawa and Stratasys.


    Yokohama Makers Village is a brand where metal processing companies in Yokohama combine their unique technologies to create products. By uniting technologies and design, the brand re-establishes genuine production processes that generate high quality products and comprehensive technologies.


    Designer / Creative Director Hiroaki Nishimura
    CEO, hiroaki nishimura design inc.

    Capture the needs of consumers arising from lifestyle, technology and the transition of the way of society and create a new generation of design by consistently working on original styling and promotion based on concept making, branding and functions.

    Architectural Programmer Junichiro Horikawa
    Orange Jellies

    Work on modeling and simulation for monozukuri by using algorithmic design in the fields of architecture and products as freelance now. In his book "Parametric Design with Grasshopper "(co-authored with Ms. Yuko Ishizu).


    Stratasys is the global leader in 3D printing and additive solutions, materials and services – delivering speed, innovation, performance and customization.



    Art series
    IKIMONO Air - Purification of the air

    It is an object that the Voronoi shape on the charcoal surface adopts the structure called "porous" which absorbs and adsorbs dust and pollen. It adsorbs fine dust on the surface and cleans the air.


    Art series
    IKIMONO Temperature - Visualization of temperature change

    It is an object that got motifs from "nasty movement" which plants close or open leaves and petals according to temperature change. The surface is covered with movable parts, and temperature change is visualized by opening and closing the part which touched by hand or lighted up.


    Art series
    IKIMONO Light - Luminescence and light emission

    It is an object incorporating the properties that efficiency of photosynthesis is improved by branching and spreading trees. It efficiently accumulates light and emits fantastic light in the dark with enlarging the surface area by the algorithm.


    Art series
    IKIMONO Water - Water absorption and penetration

    It is an object that the spread of the root of the plant increases the water absorption rate and incorporating the properties that the capillary action permeates the liquid efficiently from the gap between the stem and the leaf. Water absorption and permeation cause water circulation.


    Art series
    IKIMONO Magnetic Field - Magnetic field visualization

    It is an object that visualize three-dimensional magnetic field by algorithm. A unique curved shape reflects the light and creates a fantastic ambiance.


    Product series
    IKIMONO Air Cleaner - Porous Air Purifier

    It is an air purifier that the Voronoi shape on the charcoal surface adopts the structure called “porous” which absorbs and adsorbs dust and pollen.  It adsorbs fine dust on the surface and cleans the air. Metallic bodies are not likely to rot and can be used many times by washing with water.


    Product series
    IKIMONO Thermometer - Thermometer that changes in shape due to temperature change

    It is a thermometer that got motifs from "nasty movement" which plants close or open leaves and petals according to temperature change. When the thin metal rods cross each other as the temperature rises, and they stand upright as it is as the temperature drops, so that the change in temperature is visualized without relying on character information.


    Product series
    IKIMONO Lampshade - Lampshade to support the quality of sleep

    It is a lamp shade incorporating the properties that the tree maximizes the surface area while repeating branching. The metal shade with the phosphorescent paint on the surface supports the quality of sleep by illuminating the surroundings with a faint light after turning off.


    Product series
    IKIMONO Reed Diffuser - Reed diffuser with scent spreading by capillary phenomenon

    It is a read diffuser of aroma incorporating capillary phenomenon which liquid penetrates a fine gap. Iron bars with the fine gaps absorb aroma oil and spread the scent. Metallic sticks are not likely to rot and you can enjoy another fragrance by washing with water.


    Product series
    IKIMONO Magnetic Penholder - Pen-stand that floats a pen with magnetic force

    It is a pen- stand that fixes a metal pen that focuses on the "pulling force" of magnetic force. The pen is fixed at one point with a very small pipe as if it is floating, and when the base of the pen-stand swings, the pen also swings at the same time. It is also easy to remove because the pen is fixed in the air.