• Acure Pass compatible innovation vending machines

    JR East Japan Water Company’s new vending machine service, the “acure pass compatible innovation vending machine,” has been announced.
    Our company is currently carrying out the airframe design and concept draft processes of the product design phase.

    ■About the “acure pass”

    The acure pass is a private application that allows you to purchase items in advance on your personal smartphone and send them to friends and family as gifts. All Innovation vending machines set up inside major JR East Japan stations in the Tokyo area are compatible with this app. Using a QR code, you can select “My Drink” products stocked in the app and collect the items at one of these vending machines. With the app’s My Drink feature you can send presents, whether as an expression of thanks to a friend or family member, or a reward for one of your employees. By providing the ability to accompany a friendly “Thank you!” or “Good luck!” with the gift of a refreshing drink, we are bringing forth a new type of communication that can strengthen the bonds between people through the power of vending machines.

    WEB https://www.acurepass.co.jp/

    JR East Japan Water Co., Ltd. http://www.jre-water.com/company/

    ■Development collaboration partner company (JR East Japan Water Business announcement)
    teamLab http://www.team-lab.com/
    Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. http://www.fujielectric.co.jp/