• archelis


    Product and creative design for archelis, a medical use wearable chair, along with creative direction for brand launch

    Archelis is a wearable chair born from the needs of the medical workplace.
    Designed both cordless and battery free, it is able to support your body whenever you walk around the operation room or lean forward repeatedly.

    archelis public website http://www.archelis.com/

    Planning, production, and manufacturing: Nitto Co., Ltd. (http://nitto-i.com/
    Supervisors: Chiba University Frontier Medical Engineering Center
    Associate Professor, Dr. Hiroshi Kawahira (M.D.) (http://www.cfme.chiba-u.jp/~kawahira/
    Associate Professor, Dr. Ryoichi Nakamura (D.Eng.) (http://www.cfme.chiba-u.jp/~nakamura/
    Sales: Japan Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. (http://www.jptc.co.jp/)
    3D PRINTING suported by: Stratasys(http://www.stratasys.co.jp/)